• Enchanting adventure
  • Hand-drawn art
  • Find Anka's family!
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Min System request
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU : 800 Mhz
  • Memory : 512
  • DiretX : 8.0
  • Hard driver (MB) : 60

Комментарий к игре: Анка

Анка живет мирной жизни с его родители, но в один прекрасный день его мать не вернулась из города после запуска некоторых поручений. Вскоре после этого его папа тоже исчез. Смело находчивый Анка отправляется, чтобы найти их самостоятельно. Раскрыть очаровательный точку и нажмите приключенческая игра, как вам решать головоломки и проблемы, начиная от логики головоломки игры. Помочь молодым Anka найти свою семью!

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Жанр : Puzzle

Find your A-HA! moment with mind-bending puzzles and jigsaw games.


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Требует Windows/MacOS

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Возрастов: 3 ЛЕТ И СТАРШЕ

Описание Игры:

Анька игривый мальчик, живущий в маленькой деревне, но он собирается быть тяги в большое приключение, которое изменит его жизнь!

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PuzzleMatch 3

A game for all ages.

The storyline is very childlike but still enjoyable. The puzzles were not that hard besides the mini-games that get progressively harder. Some of the hidden objects were a little difficult to find but if you ever get lost the hint will point you in the right direction. The artwork was good. Characters all have voice overs. I noticed there was a very wide range of characters. Option t replay the mini-games from the main menu. Overall not a bad game!

Enjoyable Fun Game

Cute enjoyable fun game, for kids and adults to play.

Finally something different and unique

I really enjoyed this game. It felt different from all the other games i have played. I highly recommend if you are tired, of looking for countless objects.

Great for Multiple Age Groups

While the story section of this game is moderately short for an adult (Took me about an hour and 15 mins to finish the first time, one hint, no skips), Anka's true value lie in the multiple, customizable mini-games, and the fact that the story is geared to appeal to a wide age range. I love that the theme is adult enough that I don't get bored, but it's not so dark or graphic that my 8 year old niece can't play and enjoy as well. Because the mini-games get progressively harder until you lose, she can still "win" without getting frustrated, and I can keep going through more levels, without getting bored. I'd say this is a steal as a Daily Deal, and an entry on the "to try" list, even at full price.

Help Anka Find His Parents!

What a great seek and find adventure for young kids and the young at heart who just want to enjoy a ton of assorted games. I can't think of any mini games this game has left out, there is something to please just about anyone. There are hidden object games such as finding 40 eggs located both inside the house and outside, you need to click on items to move them and open up drawers, some are hidden in the trees and bushes and you basically interact with items to find all eggs. There is a cute game of "blocks" where the eggs need to go into the nest by moving around bales of hay of assorted sizes until the eggs have a clear path to the nest. You can put together a jigsaw picture of each scene in the game and you can even download your own picture for a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Once you play a mini game in the adventure, you can replay that game as often as you want in the puzzle section. The characters voices are a tad bit annoying but other than that, this is a great game to play along with the kids, enjoy!

Mini-games galore!

This game is a great blend of adventure and puzzles. You have to be on the alert to pick up on the clues and objects you need to work through this game. I personally didn?t care for the art style of the main character but if you can ?see? past that you might have a worthwhile adventure with Anka. As always in adventure games you help the main character solve problems and complete tasks to rescue someone. There is always something to figure out. Along the way you uncover various mini-games. What is really great is that as you complete or skip each mini-game it unlocks access to a whole set of those mini-games on the main menu. Many of the unlocked mini-games have lots more versions to play. For example the Frogs has 10 levels, the Luggage has 14 levels, the Tangrams has 16 levels, the Gallows has 14 levels and the Eggs has 10 levels. So there is much more to this game than just playing through the adventure. Also inserting your own pictures in some of the mini-games gives them unlimited possibilities. You can put your own picture, your child?s picture, vacation pictures, holiday pictures into several of the mini-games. I tried that and it was surprisingly fun to see my own images within the mini-games. If you want a fun adventure with lots of mini-game replay value you might give this game a try.


the game is very short. Finished it not long after buying it. Was having fun getting into it when the story suddenly ended. Good game, would have liked it more if it had been longer. Nice use of mini games. Good for those who like multi-leveled mini games.

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